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12 Jun Fashion Brands to look out for in Thailand

5 Thai Fashion Brands to look out for.

Thailand is known for it’s impressive shopping scene that ranges from open-air markets to renowned mega malls, as well as collections by upcoming and established fashion designers. Some of which have already gained international recognition with their label carried in stores around the world, and others remaining loyal to their home and only available in Bangkok. Either way, their sought after work is making waves in the fashion industry as they establish a name for their intricate design, feminine style and modern interpretation of the creative world.

These are 5 fashion brands we think you should know about.

Patinya on Instagram –

Women who like Patinya are women with self-confidence, a deep sensitivity and attention to detail, a ‘metropolitan girl with meticulous taste’. Established by the fashion editor of Marie Claire Thailand, PatinyaGuitar Patinya Kyokong, the brand has become known for it’s urban romantic style. Soft crepe, French lace, silk textures and hand embroidery are distinctive of her outfits. Patinya creates mostly dresses, which are usually long, elegant and set to highlight the wearer’s beauty. Her current collection embodies the minimalistic values of Guitar Patinya herself, with outfits interchangeable for business and casual wear.

Senada Theory
Senada on Instagram –

Established in 1991, Senada was founded by Chanita Preechawitayakul, a designer who is known to Senadablend vintage with street style, giving a more couture touch to familiar prints. Her past designs have included the use of old tablecloths and vintage wallpapers, with her inspiration coming from items found in everyday life. She also draws inspiration from different cultures around the world, using Thai patterns or Indian embroidery in the detail. As a biochemist by profession, animal or plant motifs naturally sneak into her designs. Senada say of their clients: ‘Our clients are women who are daring and not afraid to mix and match to reflect their own mood and character, chic, feminine, with their own street glamour.’

3. Disaya
Disaya on Instagram –

Founded in 2005 as the concept of creative director Disaya Sorakraikitikul, Disaya comprises a range of youthful yet refined ready to wear outfits and a unique jewellery line. The years Sorakraikitikul spent studying fashion at the Central Saint Martins College of Fashion and Design in London developed her style, and are visible in her designs that blend British efficiency with Thai sophistication. One of her dresses was worn by Amy Winehouse on the cover of her Back to Black album, and celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Agyness Deyn and Jennifer Lopez have also worn Disaya. Alternating between light party dresses to more formal pieces, Sorakraikitikul’s collection is suitable for women of all ages.


4. Kloset
Kloset on Instagram –

Founded in 2001, Kloset’s designs are destined for the passionate fashionista. Kloset maintains its Klosetbase in Thailand where the inspiration of the collection embraces the culture’s spirit. Designer Mollika Ruangkritya has an obsession for all things hand-made and is said to have first discovered her talents as a little girl when she began making dolls, toys and headbands. Today her childlike endearment is the main source of creativeness for Kloset’s creations. Special brand characteristics include traditional stitching and embroidery, with each collection including girlish features such as lace nets, gauge knits and ribbon tape.

5. Sretsis
Stretsis on Instagram –

‘Contemporary women swear for the free spirited women with a touch of rebellious youth and modern sophistication’ is what you can expect from Stretsis, which means sister spelt backwards. Founded in 2002 the label is refers to the bond between the three sisters: Pim, Kly and Martina. Together and with Pim Sukhahuta as lead designer, their range is known for it’s whimsical prints merged with more formal fabrics, such as silk, satin, and chiffon, creating signature everyday-wear pieces. Sretsis has been worn by celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Beyonce Knowles, and Rachel Bilson, as well as featured in leading fashion publications, such as Elle and Instyle.


Most of these designers have a base in Bangkok and have their clothes in boutique stores in the more prominent shopping malls such as Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, The EmQuartier, Zen Central World, Grand Indonesia. Others lucky for us have online stores. Either way, their work is beautiful and proudly Thai and we feel they deserve your support.