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Twelve Things You Must Do In Thailand

It is true that if you ask any one who’s been lucky enough to visit Thailand to name their favourite thing about the much-loved Kingdom, that a long, diverse and wondrous list will be compiled. Yet like with any country, there are iconic attractions and...

Six Famous Films Shot in Thailand

It’s not surprising given the magical scenery and inviting locations, as well as dramatic rock faces, exotic jungles and beaches perfectly positioned to fuel the imaginings, that Thailand is a popular choice for film shoots with heaps of foreign films having been made here. Coupled with...

Museum of Siam, National Discovery Museum Institute
Rather Unusual Museums of Bangkok

Rather Unusual Museums of Bangkok Bangkok is an exciting city that is known to be crowded, hot and never still, as it’s eight million plus inhabits go about their daily lives amongst the masses of tourists who descend here annually, to explore and discover more of...

rock climbing in Thailand
A Guide To Rock Climbing In Thailand

A Guide To Rock Climbing In Thailand Rock climbing in Thailand might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of visiting this picturesque destination, but perhaps it should be much higher on the list. As home to some of the best rock...

Seven reasons to visit Thailand’s Koh Yai National Park

Thailand offers a vast array of travel experiences. From outings to floating markets and temple appreciation, time on pristine beaches and the spoils of luxury resorts, it truly is a country that caters to every tourist’s needs. And did you know it is also home to...

Teaching English in Thailand

For many travellers to Thailand, the hardest part of the trip is saying goodbye. A country with diverse landscapes, friendly residents and an inviting culture, it's easy to understand why some visitors are exploring the option of extending their stay by a few months. That and...

Thailand for vegans and vegetarians

Travelling as a vegan can be tough. Not because the food is any less delicious, but because there aren't that many places around the world that cater to this niche diet that allows for no animal products to be consumed. Which makes it a luxury to...

The Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui. A Resort Built on Dreams

Sometimes I think travel couldn’t get any better, and then I arrive at my next destination and realise the gift of opportunity continues to indulge me.  This was the case with The Tongsai Bay. ( Located on the North East corner of much loved Koh Samui, with a...

Discoveries from the Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri

Eat | Pray | Shop | Relax   Located in one of Bangkok’s busiest and most expansive metropolitan areas on Ratchadamri Road, the Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri represents an urban refuge in Bangkok, one with fine luxury service, assorted accommodation options and above and below ground transport...

Dawns photo 2
Cycling the Bangkok Jungle with Spice Roads

I love to cycle a city almost as much as I love to walk it and was thrilled to join Spice Roads Cycling Adventures for their half-day Bangkok Jungle tour, spending the morning weaving through the green zone Bang Kra Gao or as it's known...