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07 May Bangkok Airways

Thailand’s Award-Winning Boutique Airline

Offering more than just a service that gets you from one destination to another, Bangkok Airways is fondly known as Asia’s Boutique Airline and as Thailand’s first private airline has been making waves since its inception in 1968.

A good thing for anybody planning a trip to Thailand and researching not only how best to arrive there, but also looking at internal flights to get you from one city or island to the next within this beautiful Southeast Asian Kingdom.

History, Routing and Airports

History has the airline starting out almost half a century ago as Sahakol Air operating small air taxi aircrafts for the oil and natural gas companies in the Gulf of Thailand. They went on to offer their first scheduled service in 1986, rebranding to Bangkok Airways in 1989.

Today the airline employs just fewer than 2000 people and services international destinations such as Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore and Vietnam as well as most of Thailand’s commercial airports on it’s domestic routes.

In a bid to offer the best service, Bangkok Airways built its own airport on Ko Samui, which was 1Bangkok_Airportopened in April 1989 and offers direct flights between the island and Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket and Singapore. The airline opened its second airport in Sukhothai in 1996 and a third airport was built in the Trat Province, opening in March 2003 to serve the increasingly popular destination of Ko Chang.

These three boutique airports have a fresh look, offering open space, entertainment, excellent shopping and free Wi-Fi. There are even free refreshments available in the waiting area at all Bangkok Airways departure gates, with juice, tea and coffee, popcorn, sweets, sandwiches and few traditional Thai treats on offer. A very charming and personal touch that the airline has become synonymous with.

The airline’s main base is Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, with their other two hubs Phuket International Airport and Chiang Mai International Airport.

When in planning it will be important to get a map out and take a close look at what will be most convenient for your routing and ideally opt for a circular route so as not to backtrack on your journey. As a useful guideline, Bangkok Airways operates in and out of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on1675623541_Big their international and domestic flights. Don’t make the mistake of booking a flight back to Bangkok if you can book one directly to Singapore or Hong Kong from the area you’re in.

Taking all this into account, it’s easy to see why Bangkok Airways was celebrated in 2016 as both the ‘World’s Best Regional Airline’ and the ‘Best Regional Airline in Asia’, no small accomplishment.

Commitment to the Environment

As a sign of commitment to the environment, Bangkok Airways has signed the United for Wildlife Transport Industry Declaration supported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a declaration that aims to raise awareness and stop wildlife trade, while educating passengers about the consequences of illegal smuggling.

Mr. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, President of Bangkok Airways says, “We are pleased to be part of this initiative that recognises the need to protect endangered species from illegal trade and transportation. We are aware of the serious issue and commit a wide range of measures designed to prevent the movement of illegal wildlife and wildlife products.”
“As one of the leading regional airline, serving customers around the world, we acknowledge our responsibility to the society, to the community and to the environment and have a strict policy in trafficking of illegal wildlife and wildlife products for carriage on board Bangkok Airways.”

Bangkok Airways also plans to integrate corporate social responsibility projects to lessen the impact on the climate and the environment. Examples of there are their ‘Carbon Footprint for Organisation’ campaign that promotes the importance of Greenhouse gas control on a daily basis and the ‘Love Earth, Save Earth’ campaign that encourages students and local people to preserve the natural resources and environment.

With proud Thai roots and a philosophy that places passengers first, the airline is easing the often-tedious flight and airport experience with their friendly and efficient service. Having coined the slogan ‘ignite your passion and curiosity throughout your journey’, this is where their focus firmly remains and The Tourism Authority of Thailand is proud to work with them, enjoying the charm and service that lives up to their award wining name.

For online bookings go to or better still download their mobile app for live updates and schedules while travelling: There’s also a blog that bursts with travel ideas and news of special offers which you may want to take a look at while in planning in