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Five of Thailand’s must visit markets

Five of Thailand’s must visit markets A shopper’s paradise, many visitors to Thailand allow plenty of time on their itinerary to immerse themselves into the night, weekend and floating markets that the country is renowned for, indulging in delicious meals, searching for the latest fashion items...

Dragon Temple Richard Barrow
Wat Sampran Dragon Temple

Wat Sampran Dragon Temple in Nakorn Pathom Thailand. Commanding an aerial perspective to truly appreciate its scale, the Wat Sampran Dragon Temple in Thailand’s Nakhorn Pathom Province is one of those impressive hidden gems you may not know to visit, unless you’re told. Found just 40 kilometers...

Northern Thailand Shopping

Best Shopping in Northern Thailand Have a conversation with anybody who has visited Thailand and they will tell you excitedly about the shopping that they did there, as whether you’re on a romantic break or more adventurous exploration, you will not be able to resist indulging...

Thailand’s Top Beaches

Tripadvisor names Thailand’s Top Beaches. When dreaming of the ultimate seaside holiday, selecting which palm-fringed beach is best suited to you can be tricky. Many tick the warm waters, white sand, private and protected boxes, but which will give you the edge. Trip Advisor recently released their...

Khruba Siwichai
Honouring Khruba Siwichai, Chiang Mai

Honouring Khruba Siwichai, Chiang Mai Found about 7km from Chiang Mai town, the Khruba Siwichai Monument near the Namtok Huai Kaeo waterfalls was built to honor the Thai Buddhist Monk Khruba Siwichai. A Thai Buddhist monk, Khruba Siwichai was born in 1878 in the village of Ban...

Flight of the Gibbons 1
Chiang Mai – Flight of the Gibbons

Flight of the Gibbons, Chiang Mai For a group of friends their future was about to change when on a relaxed walk in the rain forest outside Chiang Mai in 2007, they came across a pair of Gibbons locked in a cage next to the road....

Pratinya Cat Walk
Fashion Brands to look out for in Thailand

5 Thai Fashion Brands to look out for. Thailand is known for it’s impressive shopping scene that ranges from open-air markets to renowned mega malls, as well as collections by upcoming and established fashion designers. Some of which have already gained international recognition with their label...

Thai Wisdom-Kanchanaburi_1
Things You Shouldn’t Do In Thailand

Things You Shouldn’t Do In Thailand Appropriately known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ with the Thai people of the most welcoming and hospitable in the world, these are a few things you shouldn’t do while in Thailand if you’d like to avoid disrespecting or offending anybody...

Lotus Lake
Thailand’s Udon region

A Closer Look at Udon Thani One of the four major cities in Thailand’s Isan region, Udon Thani, the capital of the province is located about 560km from Bangkok. A big and bold city that is said to have the largest expat community in Thailand and...

Bangkok Airways

Thailand’s Award-Winning Boutique Airline Offering more than just a service that gets you from one destination to another, Bangkok Airways is fondly known as Asia’s Boutique Airline and as Thailand’s first private airline has been making waves since its inception in 1968. A good thing for anybody...